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At SYNQ, we're helping retailers leverage the inherent advantages of their brick and mortar locations, while providing the digital-first experience customers expect. At the core of our approach is our tight integration with Microsoft Teams. 

Together with Microsoft, we help digitize the un-schedulable tasks that are critical to a successful store: helping customers, out of stocks, special requests, curbside pickup, managing phones and paging, and rain checks. 

Next-generation cloud for retail

Next-generation cloud solutions help retailers accelerate business growth by providing trusted retail industry solutions that integrate with retailer’s existing systems. Through this complete set of retail specific capabilities across the Microsoft Cloud portfolio, in addition to partner solutions, it becomes possible to seamlessly connect your customers, your people, and your data. 

SYNQ's product portfolio

At SYNQ, Microsoft's platform is core to our product strategy. From digital ordering and picking, to customer assistance requests, all our products and solutions integrate with Microsoft Teams, allowing retailers to truly understand the metrics behind how customers are being served in their stores.

Elevate the shopping experience

Transform the shopping experience through data analytics and store technology to create more engaged shoppers with stronger lifetime value.

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Empower the store associate

Equip your frontline workforce with solutions that increase customer satisfaction while reducing the burden on your frontline so you can invest in your team's growth.​

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Build a real-time, sustainable supply chain

Create an agile, resilient and sustainable supply chain by connecting data across your ecosystem to identify issues and optimize performance.​

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Maximize the value of your data

Realize the true value of your data by unifying disparate data and ecosystems across the shopper journey, uncovering insights and optimization throughout.​

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Microsoft Teams Integrations

Download our guide to SYNQ's 19 (and growing) integrations with Microsoft Teams. 

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