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Solve locking showcase friction while achieving impressive ROI

Empower customers to shop locking cases efficiently, reestablishing autonomy to the customer buying journey, increasing customer productivity, and improving operational efficiency

Achieve impressive ROI

Operational Efficiency Gains

Resolve Locking Case Friction

Increase Customer Productivity

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Regain previously lost sales.

Did you know that sales drop as much as 37% when items are placed in locking cases. We help retailers regain these sales by making access to cases simple and convenient all while enhancing merchandise security.

Create efficient shopping experiences.

Empower customers to shop locking cases without waiting on associate assistance. Customers simply shop cases via their smartphone, select products and commit cart, then retrieve their items following payment. Plus, the time spent picking orders by associates decreases by 30%. It's a win-win!

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Reimagine your truck decant process.

Instead of using associate labour to move items from the truck to the warehouse to the floor, simply place them in a warehouse location for picking, saving labour by two-thirds and further limiting your theft risk.


Want to explore how Order Up can transform your operations?

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