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At SYNQ, our R&D program is always innovating.  At the same time, we’re grounded in the real world; we understand customer success flows from us engineering (and ensuring successful implementation of) practical, dependable retail technologies that allow high-volume retailers to better their serve customers and deliver compelling internal ROI to their organizations.   

Many clients are primarily interested in a single high-profile product or category we serve (such as our category-defining Touchless Lockers).

Other customers, especially as part of new builds or store renovations, are looking for a superior alternative to the typical jumble of numerous piecemeal vendors doing their system.  These retailers see value in an overarching, future-proofed vision; the right technologies at the right times and benefits of the complete, integrated technology strategy we deliver.  When our model is the right fit for a given scenario, it delivers profound benefits; via improved efficiency, customers get superior implementations at a fantastic price.   


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