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Pick and Go

We're the inventors of the BISPUN (buy in-store pick up now) methodology that solves locking showcases and provides a far better customer experience.


Increase sales

When products are put in a locking showcase, sales drop by as much as 37%. We solve this problem: customers use showcase tablets or their device to request items, pay for those items at POS, and monitor the status of the item being picked for retreival.

Pick and go tablet

Operate more efficiently

Not only does pick and go reduce the average time to pick an order by up to 30%, it significantly improves your truck decant process. Instead of using associate labour to move items from the truck to the warehouse to the floor, simply place them in their warehouse location for picking. 


Superior customer experience

Customers demands are always shifting, and retailers need to adapt. Stop giving customers an analog experience when they've specifically opted for digital. We bring together the advantage of bricks and mortar with the digital-first experience today's customers expect.

Want to explore how pick and go can transform your operations?

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