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Welcome to SYNQ, where innovation in brick-and-mortar retail is at the core of our business. We understand that real-world success for our customers comes from practical and reliable retail solutions. That is why our focus is on engineering and implementing technologies that empower high-volume retailers to provide exceptional service to their customers while delivering impressive ROI to their organizations.


Whether you need a specific product or a comprehensive system, we provide solutions to fit your needs. Our integration with Microsoft Teams offers a unified platform for automating task assignment, enabling trackable processes, and streamlining communication. This translates to improved efficiency and an enhanced customer experience, all at an excellent price point.


Pick & Go

Retrieve and deliver items requiring assistance efficiently and securely to customers.Customers are able to select their desired product(s) via a nearby fixed tablet or their phone. Products are picked and prepared while the customer continues to shop. The customer then retrieves their product(s) following payment.

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Digital Call Buttons

Digital call buttons improve both operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction by connecting customers with  the appropriate associate to address their specific requests.



Don't give digital customers an analog last mile. Our curbside pick up software ensures fast, efficient, and secure pick up of online orders.

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Text for Help


Next-Gen EAS

Our low-profile EAS gates are designed to provide retailers with robust security coverage. Setting us apart from our competitors is the modularity of our offerings. If you run into any issues, individual components can be repaired or replaced - you won't need to buy a new gate.


Patented Label Technology

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, our patented label technology is compatible with your existing printers for on-demand use. Protect your products without the need for bulky hard tags.


Touchless Lockers

Enhance operational efficiency and convenience while preventing potential losses by implementing touchless lockers. These lockers offer versatile functionality, and you can customize cube sizes and configurations to match your specific product lines and requirements.


Multimedia Hubs

Our Multimedia Hub Management Software enables the deployment of curated videos on in-store displays. We provide and install commercial-grade screens offered in a variety of sizes and configurations, along with all the necessary hardware and security housings.


CCTV + Mass Storage

We design layouts for optimal, yet cost-effective coverage. Our packages are designed to ensure secure and intelligent data collection, working tools, and storage protocols.

Discover how SYNQ can transform your retail experience today

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