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Given our niche offerings, SYNQ seeks to improve user understanding and accessibility through our terminology page. This resource aims to provide clarity on industry-specific terms, jargon, technical language, and unique terms coined or utilized by SYNQ.

  • Analog Last Mile



  • Brick-and-Mortar

  • EAS

  • Locking Showcase

  • LP

  • Next-Generation Cloud (?)

  • Picking

  • POP Signage: Also known as point-of-purchase signage. Signage typically placed beside promoted merchandise, giving those items more visibility.

  • POS

  • Sacred Scrunchie

  • Shrink: The total amount of loss calculated by a retailer is referred to as shrink, or shrinkage. It is measured in terms of dollars lost and is often expressed as a percentage of company sales by dividing total losses by the total sales. Shrink can be attributed to many factors such as product spoilage, cashier errors, theft, inventory mismanagement, and vendor fraud. 

  • SKU

  • SKU Level Shopping

  • Trip Assurance

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