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Transform operational processes for frontline workers and the people they interact with.

We build innovative solutions that enhance the frontline worker experience while driving operational excellence and powerful data insights across retail, healthcare, and more.

We have a bold vision for the future of retail that's better for consumers and the world's 2 billion frontline workers. Our products are helping retailers get there.

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If your customer is choosing a digital pathway, why give them an analog last mile? Current lockers are prisons for stuff, nothing more than a post office box with a built-in ATM. Going digital means the locker, too.

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Ever had someone paged for help, only for no associate to show up? Text for help lets customers request help via text message, which pushes notifications to the relevant associates through Microsoft Teams.

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Locking showcases are a necessary evil, killing 37% of sales transactions on average. SYNQ helps you gain those sales back, improve the customer experience, and reduce in-store labour by two thirds. See it in action!



From patented tags to elegant clear gates to closed-circuit cameras, we offer a robust set of loss prevention tools that help you cut down on losses and drive more profitable stores.

Why our customers love SYNQ solutions.



An investment in SYNQ solutions has a payback period that's a fraction of the industry standard. See a return in months not years.


SYNQ helps make warehouses up to 300% more efficient, and can reduce on-floor labour needs by north of 60%. Free up time to focus on what drives value.

Sales growth

Stores running SYNQ solutions report revenue increases of up to 10% per location. The simple fact is, delighted customers will spend more money in your store.

Microsoft + SYNQ: 
Reimagining the future of retail.

At SYNQ, we're on a journey to build a digital store. Customers can say goodbye to antiquated processes - like paging staff over PA or physically checking on inventory levels - thanks to our partnership with Microsoft.


Our products and solutions are tightly integrated with Microsoft Teams to automate task assignment, streamline communication, and create a trackable process. It's all about getting your people on a single, unified platform.





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