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Our purpose
Dubbed the "Moneyball" of retail, we help retailers better understand their operations and make data-driven decisions.

Founded in 2015, SYNQ leverages technology and economic principles to reimagine the in-store shopping experience, driving business outcomes for retailers that have a direct impact on the bottom line. SYNQ Frontline Hero aims to be the defacto platform for frontline worker productivity.

Interactions between FLW and customers
The amount of data generated
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A cutting-edge platform for frontline work
Order Up

Address locking showcase and display-only friction by empowering in-store customers to digitally request high-cube and high-value items for efficient and secure delivery during checkout.

Digital Call Buttons

Enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by connecting customers with the right associate to address their context-specific help requests through scanning a QR code.

Render of what its like to use the curbside pickup feature
Curbside Pick-up

Provide customers with the digital means to complete their curbside pickup order, eliminating the need to call or enter the store upon arrival. A digital-last mile for a digital customer.

A phone render of what its like to use the Text for Help feature
Text "HELP" to
Text For Help

Resolve customer questions without the presence of an associate. Customers text a keyword to a phone number displayed on in-store signage and associates are notified digitally.

Scan QR codes
to pickup orders
Render of the Touchless Lockers
Touchless Lockers

Enable customers to skip the service desk line with Touchless Lockers. Users follow prompts on their smartphones to gain locker bay access, eliminating the need for manual assistance.

SYNQ Pulse IoT

Turn physical inputs, such as button presses or thermometer changes, into digital notifications via Microsoft Teams, driving accountability and escalations for improved customer service.

Enterprise value
Why our customers
love SYNQ Frontline Hero.
Incredible ROI

Our solutions drive ridiculous ROI for customers, offering a significantly shortened payback period compared to industry norms. Whether it's reducing labor, increasing sales, or cutting shrink, returns are realized in months, not years.

Significant efficiency gains

Customers who deploy SYNQ Frontline Hero experience reductions in per-transaction labor of 68% on friction items (locked, display only, oversized), and see boosts in warehouse productivity by up to 300%. We help retailers ensure their associates are spending more time on the activities that drive value.

Sales growth

When customers are unable to put items in their cart  (think display only or locked up) sales of those items immediately decline. Stores running SYNQ Frontline Hero experience revenue increases of up to 15% in these categories. The simple fact is, more productive customers will spend more money in your store.

Powerful data insights

SYNQ Frontline Hero generates data that has never been captured before. By digitizing historically analog processes, we provide retailers with a completely new level of visibility into how their stores operate.

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