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About us

At SYNQ Technology, we believe in the power of brick & mortar retail. Physical stores are the most environmentally efficient way to provision goods to people, they’re good for communities, and they help ensure a diversity of choice.


Marketplace dominance by one or two giant e-commerce-based behemoths would be bad for virtually everyone.

We’re obsessed with developing technology and approaches for physical retailers to leverage their inherent advantages and reassert their importance in a changing 21st century world. As part of that, we seek to translate and apply the benefits and advantages of online approaches into physical retail environments.

We have a bold, long-term vision that our solutions are headed toward, and our extensive current software and hardware offerings are engineered from the ground-up in response to specific, real-world needs. These solutions include touchless lockers, intelligent media management and displays, in-store/curbside pick-up coordination software, customer interaction software, loss prevention technology (electronic article surveillance, CCTV arrays), and data analytics to improve store design and better understand customer patterns. Though most technologies can be deployed independently, our constellation of offerings are engineered to work together to reduce store costs while increasing customer happiness.


SYNQ started in 2015, and the vast majority of our products are still proudly designed and manufactured at our headquarters in Victoria, BC Canada. With some great technology and several key patents in our portfolio, we’re excited about where we’re going next!


Currently a team of about thirty, several hundred retail stores have deployed SYNQ technology in North America. We’re also just getting started, and are in the process of expanding to reach more and more customers in Canada and the United States. Our goal is to continue growing SYNQ steadily and sustainably, with valued partners as an integral part of our strategy.

Our roots are high-volume operational retail, and we're delighted to be able to focus on developing technology that improves the competitive position of brick & mortar operations in our modern world.


Designed In-house

All development and designs are done in our offices. Outsourcing this process can cause sluggish responses to potential problems in the future. Being able to tap the lead designer on the shoulder is much faster than waiting for a response by email.

Pioneers of EAS

Our products provide more customer data insight than any EAS company or retail data acquisition service in the world due to our custom equipment and strategy.  We can turn the raw data into clear actionable visualizations in the form of push alerts or exception based reports.

Technology enablement of brick & mortar​

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