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Curbside Pick-Up
Curbside Pickup is the future
of retailers offer BOPIS
insightful data points per pick up
The new normal
No more calling or entering the store upon arrival - customers simply let the store know when they've arrived from their smartphone.

Many retailers require customers to call or enter the store upon arrival for curbside pickup, imposing an analog last mile for a customer who specifically opted for a digital experience. Beyond creating frustration and inefficiencies, this approach fails to provide the organization with any data or create employee accountability. SYNQ bridges this digital-analog gap, ensuring a smoother experience for customers while empowering retailers with invaluable data and accountability measures.

Save everyone time and money

For retailers, curbside offers all the benefits of delivery without the added cost. For customers, it provides a quick, convenient way to shop. By digitizing the last mile, you ensure efficiency and cost savings for both parties, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Render of what its like to use the curbside pickup feature
BOPIS done right
Give customers a digital last mile that provides retailers detailed data into their store operations allowing them to accurately cost-out and optimize their BOPIS programs.
Collect data insights
Provide a digital last mile
Streamlined order management
Seamless customer experience
Improved efficiency
No app download required
Empower customers and associates with SYNQ Frontline Hero.

SYNQ Frontline Hero is the hub application where all 19 modules (and growing) are enabled. Install Frontline Hero directly form the Microsoft Azure App Store.

Download Frontline Hero
Streamlined operations

Connect customers that need help with the associates that can help them as efficiently as possible, driving significant labor savings.

Customer productivity

More productive customers spend more money. Instead of wasting time to find help, let them request help digitally while they continue shopping.

Data-driven insights

Generate data that have never been captured before, allowing you to better understand labor needs and how to proactively address common customer problems.

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