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Elevate the shopping experience

Transform the shopping experience through data analytics and store technology to create more engaged shoppers with stronger lifetime value.

Empower the store associate

Equip your frontline workforce with solutions that increase customer satisfaction while reducing the burden on your frontline so you can invest in your team's growth.​

Build a real-time, sustainable supply chain

Create an agile, resilient and sustainable supply chain by connecting data across your ecosystem to identify issues and optimize performance.​

Maximize the value of your data

Realize the true value of your data by unifying disparate data and ecosystems across the shopper journey, uncovering insights and optimization throughout.​

physical friction

Leverage the customers’ devices to directly request actionable FLW help such as display only products, locking showcase items, out-of-stocks, and others

Streamline in-store

Talk directly to the most relevant associate in the organization for the customers’ questions, from product knowledge to wayfinding

Automate the
return process

Provide customers with the opportunity to contribute to hte return process, improving the customers experience, reducing fraud and improving store efficiency

customer service

Digitize the un-schedulable customer service tasks that are key to any successful retail operation

Digitize existing
analog requests

Remove the need for paging, call-buttons, radio calls, and random customer jesters.

Maximize Output

Triage retail need in the most efficient way possible reducing step counts.

Improve the FLW experience

Drive greater workplace satisfaction by mirroring work-life balance and synergies resulting in FLW engagement.

Physical User Experience
(UX) touchless lockers

Provide infrastructure that unleashes an array of possibilities, including 24/7 pickup and drop-off

Crowd source inventory

Assign a confidence score in your customer-initiated request against current inventories, right down to the SKU level,

Predict customer needs

Maximize the efficiencies of associate operations by predicably duplicating customer requests based on known data (e.g. predictive picking)

Customer requests generate data

maximize sales by optimizing in-store customer and product signals

Anticipate and prevent customer dissatisfaction

Connect SLE (Service Level Expectation) with customer-initiated requests predictable by both time and outcome

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