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increase in sales in friction categories
reduced average pick up time
Increase sales
We solve the friction of shopping for locked or high-cube items by allowing customers to request them digitally and continue to shop while associates collect their items.

Locking showcases and display only are necessary evils, killing 37% of sales transactions on average. Order Up is designed to improve accessibility, helping you regain those lost sales, enhance the customer experience, and reduce in-store labor by two thirds.

A digital-first experience

We bring together the advantages of brick-and-mortar retail with the digital experience that today's customers expect. Customers receive real-time updates on their order status directly to their smartphones, while retailers collect valuable data insights on order volume, wait times, employee productivity, escalation rates, and more.

Improved efficiency
The operational efficiency gains from this methodology are incredible. Not only can you reduce per-transaction labor by 68%, but you also reduce the risk of theft and ORC (organized retail crime) by keeping vulnerable merchandise off the sales floor.
Drive data insights
Productive customers
Customer trip assurance
Promote accountability
Improved truck decant process
Automatic escalations
Empower customers and associates with SYNQ Frontline Hero.

SYNQ Frontline Hero is the hub application where all 19 modules (and growing) are enabled. Install Frontline Hero directly form the Microsoft Azure App Store.

Download Frontline Hero
Streamlined operations

Connect customers that need help with the associates that can help them as efficiently as possible, driving significant labor savings.

Customer productivity

More productive customers spend more money. Instead of wasting time to find help, let them request help digitally while they continue shopping.

Data-driven insights

Generate data that have never been captured before, allowing you to better understand labor needs and how to proactively address common customer problems.

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