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What our Digital Call Buttons can do for you
trip assurance for customers
the data generated compared to analog buttons
Accountability and assurance
Dispatch the right associate to help the customer... the FIRST time.

Customers scan a QR code and select the prompt that best matches what they need help with, notifying associates digitally and ensuring the relevant associates respond to the request. This drives significant labor savings and generates data on common requests, allowing you to be proactive in addressing these challenges.

Building trust with trip assurance

Traditional analog methods of seeking help leave customers uncertain of whether help is on the way. SYNQ’s platform allows associates to claim requests, mark when they're on their way, and push real-time updates to the customers' smartphones.

captured data
How much data do retailers get from traditional help requests? The answer is almost none. SYNQ's digital call buttons provide tons of data on how efficiently customers are being helped in-store.
Drive data insights
Efficient labor deployment
Real-time trip assurance
Customizable request prompts
Cost savings
Efficient labor deployment
Empower customers and associates with SYNQ Frontline Hero.

SYNQ Frontline Hero is the hub application where all 19 modules (and growing) are enabled. Install Frontline Hero directly form the Microsoft Azure App Store.

Download Frontline Hero
Streamlined operations

Connect customers that need help with the associates that can help them as efficiently as possible, driving significant labor savings.

Customer productivity

More productive customers spend more money. Instead of wasting time to find help, let them request help digitally while they continue shopping.

Data-driven insights

Generate data that have never been captured before, allowing you to better understand labor needs and how to proactively address common customer problems.

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