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Loss Prevention

Theft is killing retailers across North America, with tens of billions in annual losses. Associates are getting injured, customers are going elsewhere, and the losses continue to pile up. We offer a comprehensive suite of loss prevention products that help retailers reduce shrink, and ultimately operate more efficiently.


CCTV & Mass Storage

We offer a range of CCTV solutions, including standalone license plate recognition cameras, that help retailers reduce losses and provide valuable information needed to retrieve stolen items. Everything captured with a SYNQ CCTV deployment is stored on our state-of-the art servers that we build in-house. 


Next-gen EAS

Our elegant, clear EAS gates provide robust coverage, giving retailers peace of mind. Our offerings are also modular, which deviates from most of our competitors. If you run into an issue, individual components can be repaired or replaced - you don't need to buy a new gate.


Patented label technology

We allow retailers to protect goods without any additional labour using our patented thermal scale labels that work with your existing printers. Protect your artisan cheese, high-value meat, and more. You may even consider getting rid of hard tags on goods in other departments. 

Want to explore how we can help you reduce losses from theft?

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