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Most curbside pickups are completed by phoning the store. Why are we giving digital customers an analog last mile? We leverage innovative technology and modern communication tools for fast, efficient, secure pickup of online orders. 


The new normal

As one would expect, curbside pickup exploded during the pandemic. And now we're learning that this shift in consumer behaviour is enduring. As more and more people opt for curbside offerings, it's critical that retailers provide them with a seamless experience, mimicking the digital experience they chose.


Comprehensive data and analytics

One of the benefits of ecommerce orders is that retailers get detailed analytics, but this breaks if the customer is asked to call for pickup once they arrive at the store. Instead, provide a digital last mile that provides retailers detailed data into their store operations. We can't improve what we don't measure. 

Drive-through Groceries
Image by Grant Beirute

Save your customers time and money

For retailers, curbside offers all the benefits of delivery without the added cost. For customers, it provides a fast, convenient way to shop that doesn't require the cost of delivery services like DoorDash or UberEats. 

Want to explore how to give your curbside orders a digital last mile?

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