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Digital call buttons

When customers need help (in most retail stores), they have to physically track down an associate or use an analog call button that does not allow them to provide details on what they need help with. Too often, this leads to an inefficient experience for both the customer and associate. Instead, opt for digital call buttons with context-specific requests and trip assurance for your customers.

Service Bell
Service Bell

More affordable, more efficient

Not only are physical call buttons expensive to purchase and install, they can be a nightmare to maintain. Furthermore, there is no way for a customer to let associates know what they need help with. By leveraging digital call button technology, customers can let staff know exactly what they need help with, allowing the right associate to be dispatched to assist. 

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Data-driven insights

How much data do retailers get related to these types of help requests? The answer is almost none. SYNQ's digital call buttons provide tons of data on how efficiently customers are being helped in stores. Understand common help request topics to proactively address them, gain insights into how quickly customers are assisted, and determine areas for process improvement based on how many requests are escalated.

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Build trust with trip assurance

By using an analog method of seeking help, customers never truly know if someone is coming to help them. With SYNQ's tight integration to Microsoft Teams, associates can claim help requests, mark when they're on their way, and push real-time updates to the customer's smartphone. This level of trip assurance builds trust with customers and leads to increased sales through more efficient shopping.

Want to explore how to take advantage of digital call buttons?

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